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Thread: Need help with broken wii

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    Need help with broken wii

    I have an error on a friends wii, I think he started to hack and somehow this happened. Now when I start is why the light is green, we can hear the wii doing some noise but my LCD shows "No signal". Yes with my wii works well with the same cables and everything. Is this the "blackscreen" issue?

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    is the LCD a TV showing "no signal" ? while a bricked Wii would end up "blackscreen", a TV would NOT show "no signal" --- as "black" is a video signal level.
    what has been done by your friend trying to hack ?

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    Maybe it's a power supply error. Check your power cables and the composite/component cables (the ones which connect the Wii to the TV).

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    Same thing happend to me before. it is not a Softmodding problem. I softmodded a wii, and it displayed the same symptoms you described. Its something to do with the hardware no doubt. Did you have it outside for any period of time?

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    This sounds like the internal video chipset going bad.

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    About powercables: I use the same cables for my wii and it works fine. Dunno much about what he did, the SD card just had bootmii foulder. So its not the softmod problem? I believe he said something like: "I was following a softmod guide and the power went out". Hardware broken?

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    If "I was following a softmod guide and the power went out (at the middle of softmod process)...." is true, some wad files, such as the sysIOS or the sysMenu, might have been corrupted. that's a very very romantic fatal error !
    you should spend some time to search and read "How to recover a Fully Bricked Wii ". Can't comment more, sorry.


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