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Thread: Homebrew Channel no longer loading apps!

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    Homebrew Channel no longer loading apps!

    Hello, after all this time of being a member here, and after searching 3+ days and not finding an answer, I finally need your guy's help.

    I softmodded my wii a while back using the mod any wii located here on this website. Everything has worked flawlessly / perfect, until that past couple of days that is.

    Recently I have loaded my homebrew channel, only to find it is no longer loading my apps on the screen and instead just shows bubbles.

    My apps are located in the correct location in usb:/apps/appname/boot.dol
    I have tried reinstalling the hbc but to no avail that did not work. I updated all of my IOS's with the modmanager, and my cIOS's using a guide also provided here on this site.

    using and SD card the apps load just fine, and the channels and forwarder channels work just fine. USB loader, wiiflow, etc, can all read the usb and play games from it, but the hbc is not reading the apps from the harddrive. I have tried reformatting, set to fat 32, 32kb cluster, primary and active, but to no avail. I have searched everywhere and I really need the apps to show from usb not sd (for various reasons) so please I beg of you guy's help me.

    And please remember this was working about a week ago no problem.
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    Press 1 on your WiiMote and see the options that come up. Press USB and you should be fine.

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    I have tried that a hundred times, the circle comes up for a split sec, and its back to the same thing. I should probably add my hdd is on the compatibility test (actually bought it based off of that) and again was working not even a week ago. I have updated all of my IOS's, and more than quad checked / reformatted / re copied all data to hard drive. The apps load if there is a channel or forwarder, the games load if i can access it via usb loader gx, wiiflow, but other than that I cannot for the life of me get the apps to show using hdd anymore which is weird as there were no updates to my knowledge (and if there were I already tried using older versions of hbc, same situation) and yet I am puzzled. This is why I called on you guys, the experts here.

    *Edit- Ok so I have resolved my own problem, and believe me I stumbled upon it by complete accident. In case a lot of you have this error this is how to solve an external HDD no longer loading apps in hbc when it IS on the compatibility list. (And why this happens or how I do not know, but here is the fix.) Download mini tools partition wizard home or buy their pro software. right click on your drive and scroll down to modify and than change partition type id. One the menu pops up, you will most likely see your drive id set to FAT32 which is wrong wrong wrong. Change it to ntfs (only the active partition needs to be fat32 not the drive id) so that the read can read it properly. Voila, there is your fix... Hope this helps many.
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