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Thread: problems loading skylander giants

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    problems loading skylander giants

    I reupdateing a friends wii,
    they purchased the skylander game for a bday present , but it asks for update on the wii,
    its been a good 2 years since i did the soft mod.
    what guides should i be hunting for to update this, and is there any wierd tricks to it, they just want to play it from the disk

    i found this one, should this be ok? or do i just need to up date the wii to current?

    ok, maybe never mind, loaded it at my house with neogamma and it came up fine, didnt have the portal base to test it out but game loaded, im assumeing it should be ok?
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    I have same problem. I bought my son the skylander. doesn't work. Can you tell how did u solve this problem?

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