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Thread: Original Gamecube Disc issues on modded Wii

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    Us Original Gamecube Disc issues on modded Wii

    I recently bought a modded Wii and every time I play Paper Mario: TTYD it freezes at a cut scene at the great boggly tree. Also before I even get inside the tree I get an error message where the script should be. So all the characters say is "No Message [English]". I thought it was the disc but it had no scratches at all and now I bought a second copy to verify whether or not it was and both discs freeze in the exact same spot. And the second disk was from someone who had recently played all the way through. Even tried starting a new adventure in case of a corrupt save. I have all the proper DIOS MIOS software I believe, and I haven't been able to find a relevant thread on here to help with my situation. Any help or troubleshooting advice would be awesome.

    *Also realized I cannot turn the Wii off with the front switch once the game is playing. Literally have to unplug it in order to turn it off.
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