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Thread: Bricked wii with 003 error

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    Exclamation Bricked wii with 003 error

    I have purchased a wii that was already soft modded back in 2009 and i was able to play burned games on DVD through the custom loader. but then I bricked my wii with error 003, and to fix i read in the other guide that i need a modchipped wii. so i disassembled the wii to find out that there is no small chip on the DVD drive, and there is no D3 writing on the big chip which i read somewhere else that this pattern refers to D3-2 drive. So how was I able to play burned games? and more importantly, will I be able to hardmod it with say Wiikey Fusion and unbrick it?

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    I moved this to the bricked section where you'll get more help/attention. Look here for some info on the 003 error.


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    If your Wii was able to load backup disc yo van hardmod it and fix it. You may need a 4th gen chip that attaches o the ribbion cable, like a wasabi DX or similar.

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    Thanks so much! I've been hoping to fix my wii for 3 years now I've already ordered a Wiikey Fusion (they say it supports all drives except d3-2 and D4)



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