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    Us Hard Drive choice

    Hello, I am new to learning about all of this. I have read the guide, but upon researching the issue of wiis not reading some hard drives or having issues with some of them I had a few questions. I was just wondering which external hard drives are the best to use for compatibility with games on an old white gamecube disk playing wii 4.3u. From what I've been reading it may allow me to just make copies of disks I own on dvds, but I would rather preserve my old gamecube disks such as phantasy star two in one I own and zelda: OOT disks by putting them on an external hard drive. Mind you I already own an external 1 TB seagate drive. I am however using it for my media projects and storage of other media backups such as my dvd collection. I was wondering about what ones would be suggested that I could get at say..Staples relatively cheaply as in no more than 100 dollars. Also a bigger reason for me to look into this was due to I would much rather put my actual disks in storage due to how much room they take up with my ps2 disks as well. Any guidance in regards to this would be much appreciated. I was just going to pick up a simple 2gb sandisk sd from the shack while they are on sale.

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    I have a 640gb Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex. It's self powered which is really nice, less to plug into the outlet, so far it does everything I've wanted it to. Can't get UNEEK+DI working with it but I'm probably just doing it wrong lol. But as far as GC, Wii and old school emulated games it plays it all.

    Cost me $50 (it was on sale but even then the regular price was only $75) and I do recommend still getting that SD card, SanDisk 2gb card is one thing you need to mod the Wii.

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    Yeah I really like Seagate/WD products I used to have an old 250gb before they had an external above 500gb for consumer use. It took quite a few very hard years on it before it finally had kicked the dust. I might also consider just putting my other stuff on the other drive since I checked and my powered 1TB is apparently on the list of working either way. Plus that'd let me put some movies on the wii since I'll be hooking it up to tv/pc monitor. Hmm, I'll have to see if Staples has that one when I stop by there tomorrow.

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    I currently use a WD MyBook WDBAAF5000EBK drive without any problems, and I've also tested a Rosewill RX35-AT-SU external enclosure with a 500 GB WD1600AAJS (enterprise level) drive successfully. Both are externally powered, and since I already had the 3.5" drive, the enclosure was a viable solution for $20.00.

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    1TB My passport HDD. Small (2.7") self-powered and large enough (even if you partition it) to store anything you wish.
    Price: around $89.00 USD.

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    While others may contest this, I do not prefer the "self powered" drives... they tax the wii's power supply. Given the choice I would always opt for one with an external power option. WD elements drives (desktop) have been my recommended for awhile now, tho they're less available than previously. Steer clear of any usb 3.0 drives, while they can work, they are notoriously problematic.

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