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Thread: Quick question about adding priiloader

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    Quick question about adding priiloader

    I am a newbie but already added Configurable USB Loader using this tutorial Usb Loader - GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial

    I tried to play a game via CD and it prompted me to do a System Update....I did not do it I loaded the game into Configurable USB Loader and it played fine.

    I want to add something to block the updates so my daughter won't accidentally update and read about Priiloader. My question is, can I just add this to what I already have setup? I just wanted to make sure it would play well with what I already have installed. I assume Priiloader will disable the System Updating all together right? Is there any down fall to this?


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    Post a system check , so we can see whats installed.LinkHow To Run And Post A System Check.


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