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Thread: I'm new and need a bit of help...

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    Exclamation I'm new and need a bit of help...

    Ok. Let me start off with saying that I have come to this forum for some advice. (I really hope this is the right thread to post this) I have had my wii Soft modded for about 6 months and had no problems. Recently, I wanted to install a wad file, a menu wad. The guy on the forum said it worked for 4.3u and all you had to do was go into the wad manager and install, of course this was not the case. I installed, it froze (the wii), I shut the system off and waited. When I booted up priiloader came on and in the corner it said SYSTEM MENU BOOT FAILED! Or some scary message like that. Idiotic me, went into homebrew and uninstalled the wad WITHOUT anytitledeleter. After I restarted my wii and I had the feared black screen. Priiloader would not load up, I tried the GC port #4 un-brick and it didn't work. ANY HELP?

    Note: When I booted the 3rd time the SD Card was not in the wii, is that a problem? PLEASE REPLY SOON!!!

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    installing a suspected Wii-menu.wad is something like suicide. ( "don't listen to the guy on the forum".....the story i learnt from my mother. :P )
    uninstalling a sysMenu,but not replacing, puts you into black screen.
    press and hold the RESET key before you power on the Wii...... any finding ?
    if you have Bootmii installed as boot2, insert the SD card with bootmii folder and NAND backup files for recovery.
    Good luck.
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    Ok im going to try but im wrapped up in school work so I will over the weekend iM Keeping my fingers crossed

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