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Thread: IOS Uninstalled help wii is bricked HELP.

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    IOS Uninstalled help wii is bricked HELP.

    Hi guys my little stupid brother uninstall
    • IOS9-v65535.wad
    • IOS11-v65535.wad
    • IOS20-v65535.wad
    • IOS30-v65535.wad
    • IOS40-v65535.wad
    • IOS50-v65535.wad
    • IOS52-v65535.wad
    • IOS60-v65535.wad
    • IOS70-v65535.wad
    • IOS80-v65535.wad

    with Wad Manager.

    Wii don't have bootmii/boot2 or Preloader. But i have NAND backup.

    I read everything in this forum and i don't know what to do.
    Pleas guys help im desperate.
    Can this be a fixed?
    Wii is 4.2E PAL with GC port.

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    SaveMiiFrii is your only non-hardware option.


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    Thank man for fast answer. I will try now.

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    I order CG pad but now i found that my dvd is D3. What to do now what disk to insert in wii?

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    savemiifrii is not going to work, your brother uninstalled the system ios70. The only way to fix this wii is to have the nand reprogrammed. So either send it to a nand programmer (that is what I would do), learn to program nand, or buy another wii (or just the wii mainboard).
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