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Thread: Quick Questions, help appreciated

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    Question Quick Questions, help appreciated


    I have today decided to install homebrew on my lads wii, i followed the guide to do his 4.3E wii and all went perfect.

    My question is, what should be left on the sd card after its complete?
    I only have apps and wiiflow folders, is this ok?

    Everything is working fine, backups play, movies play from both disc and usb, but there is certain things i dont want my lad to touch, so can i delete some of the forwarders on the wii menu? like the usb loaders, etc, cos all i need on the wii menu is neogamma and wiimc, im not going to dlete them off the sd card, just the menu, and if i wanted them back on the menu, is this possible easy to do? and how?

    Also, this might seem a really silly question, but is there a way i could get thumbnails next to my movies when i load my usb up in wiimc? only reason i want do this is so my lad can see by the pictures what he wants to watch, he is only 5 and cant read good enough yet to know what he wants on.

    My final one is, when i put just say, 3 films on my usb stixk, which totals 2gb, the wii dont recognise it, but if i put over 3gb on it, it recognises it and all the movies play no problem, is there a reason for this?

    Thank you for taking your time to read.

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    which Guide did you followed ?
    keep various usb LOADERs folders in SD card, kind of backup, no matter you've Channel or Forwarder installed.
    to delete Forwarders, simply proceed it from Wii SETUP menus. with Homebrew Channel and Multi-Mod-Manager, you can reinstall any Forwarders at wish.

    buy a media player, it's user friendly and shows Movie Wall for your lad. it also supports 2TB hdd, for hundreds of rmvb movies.

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    Thank you for the reply, i followed mauifrog mod any wii guide.

    I have bought my lad a 32" LG tv that supports all the video formats i use, plus a 500GB hd for it too for all his movies, but its a christmas present so playing movies on the wii is just temp til then, so its not really a big deal, just means me running upstairs more to tell him whats whats haha.

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    Ok, keep running up and down.


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