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Thread: Reverting DIOS MIOS

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    Reverting DIOS MIOS

    I got a file awhile back that allowed me to install and revert my Wii back to the default GameCube functionality.


    Can someone explain why this file is needed and what it does? Also is this the most current version?

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    Well, I believe that specific file is a custom mios that was made to work with Wiigators GC backup disc launcher, I'm not certain if it is the latest.

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    That don't look right to me. Wiigator is used to patch an untouched nintendo mios, prior to install. I'm not sure if i'm allowed to upload the mios file. You will have to use NUS Downloader.exe to download an untouched mios file. Then use Wiigator to install it. If you have the early sort DVD drive you will be able to play backup gamecube games from DVD with Neogamma. Plus your retail discs will still work from the disc channel.

    This is the Wiigator mios patcher for version 10 mios.
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