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Thread: Waninkoko USB Loader 1.5 does not recognize WBFS HDD

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    Waninkoko USB Loader 1.5 does not recognize WBFS HDD

    A test drive was formatted with WBFS 3.0. Waninkoko USB loader 1.5 was not able to recognize this drive's file system (configurable usb loader did).

    I would suppose that using a newer loader will be in order: what is the successor loader? Is there a technical reason why the loader wil not recognize the FS?

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    WBFS is very outdated.
    Well, first I would follow the softmod any wii guide to make sure your softmod is up to date, and there are three loaders that seem to be dominating the masses right now,
    - USB Loader GX - LINK
    - Wiiflow - LINK
    - Configurable USB Loader - Normal LINK - Mod LINK

    I would format your USB to FAT32, set the cluster size to 32kb, and set the game partition to Active and Primary, you can do this using EaseUS Partition Master

    Hope this helped !

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    Just bcoz usbloader 1.5 is too old to run


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