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Thread: really stuck and not a clue what to do...HELP!!! :)

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    really stuck and not a clue what to do...HELP!!! :)

    Hi all,
    I had a go yesterday at trying to get homebrew on the wii.I ended up following god knows how many guides as i was really not sure what i was doing.some of the guides asked me to download files that were not available or that had been updated...i was asked to change file names etc and add bits and pieces into folders on my sd card...all got very confusing.i have put gx loader onto the sd card.i have files all over the sd card and dont know if im meant to delete any.
    the stage i am at now is that i have got the homebrew channel on and when i put the sd card in it will show on the homebrew channel that i can load gx loader.i can get it all to load,but it will not detect a hard drive that i have plugged in.i am def in the right usb slot,but tried both to be sure.i think i have set this up right,but not sure if my hard drive will work with the wii.
    i have a cyclone media player that u can plug hard drives in and out of.i have this hooked upto the wii with a 500 gb seagate barracuda hd.i found that this was on compatible list,but just not sure if using the cyclone is what is messing it up for me.i have used wbfs manager to format drive and tried to install on of the original games i have onto the hard drive,but it wont detect the hard drive.can anyone help me with this please?
    many thanks emma
    p.s..if any of u think i have stuffed it up from the beginning and i should delete everything and start again how would i do that?

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    Just follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide (link in my sig) from start to end and you should be done, hopefully.

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    If you follow god knows how many guides to mod your Wii, it will definitely end up only god knows what'll happen.

    If you delete everything, including the sysIOS and the sysMenu, it will definitely end up a crisis only god knows why you want it.

    Get the ideas ?
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