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Thread: Some Wii games not working.

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    Some Wii games not working.

    Hey, guys. I have a modded Nintendo Wii with the homebrew channel installed, along with Wii-Flow. However, I am having some trouble playing physical copies of some games. For example, I could not play Super Mario Galaxy 2. What happened was, the little intro screen for every game that is put in the Wii showed up for SMG2, and you could hit start, unlike if the game couldn't read the disk at all, and you couldn't hit start. However, what happens, is it can only get a little bit into the game before hit would stop further progression and not play the game any longer. A message popped up that said the disc could not be read. So, I took the game out without shutting it off, and cleaning the disk. I put it back in, and the game resumed. However, just about 30 seconds later, the game stops again and says the disc is not readable. So, I took it out, and put in Donkey Kong Country Returns. That game worked perfectly, no problem whatsoever. Then, I went out and got a copy of Ghostbusters, and put that game in. It did have the intro with the start game button, but could only get past the Wii precautions screen before stopping the game and saying the disc is unreadable. May I inform you, that Ghostbusters was in just as good of condition as DKCR. So, it can't be the discs are scratched. One of three things: It isn't updated, the Wii is broken, or the mods are causing this, as some game packaging will tell you. However, I can't update my Wii, because when it detects my mods, it will brick the Wii. I can't send the Wii in for repairs, because Nintendo refuses to work on modded Wiis. So, I can only uninstall the mods (Which, btw, I recently discovered are illegal, and I hate to be labelled a pirate). I discovered you can uninstall the mod by going to Homebew channel and bootmii to uninstall it. However, when I get there, either a black screen appears with nothing on it, and I can't even shut off my Wii unless I unplug it. Alternatively, a bunch of text pops up with the message: "Exception (DSI) occured!" and a bunch of random code below it. At which point, I haven't a clue what to do.

    Can someone give me some help on what to do?



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    What is your system menu at?
    It sounds like you need to update your IOS and Cios.
    You are using Bootme as boot 2, right?

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    Sorry, Im new to all this. What's boot 2? And how do I update my IOS and Cios?

    Also, my version of the Wii is at 4.3U.

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    Use ModMII to update ios and cios

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    Thanks for the links, and I did introduce myself, but I want to remove these mods entirely. I don't want any of them on my Wii.

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