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Thread: Wii Remote 2P button not working?

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    Wii Remote 2P button not working?

    Today I went to play a Virtual Console NES game and the 2 button on the 2P Wii Remote would not respond. All other buttons did, and I reset the system and switched the 1P and 2P remotes to check if it was the button itself, but it wasn't. Its only the 2P player's Wii remote, and only that button. Has anyone else encountered this? I even plugged in the classic controller, and A (2) still did nothing. its like the Wii's emulator controller drivers are messed up or something. any ideas?

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    Thanks, no help at all.

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    Please do not bump your thread within 24h of your original post (forum rules). Mods are trying to help as fast as they can. Not everyone is online 24x7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by legitdude View Post
    Thanks, no help at all.
    A little ungrateful sounding there. The other poster is correct (d) Responses depend on the availability, expertise, and good-nature of other members and staff. Do not “bump” your post within 24 hours of posting.) Read the rules.


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