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Thread: Formatting HD to WBFS with a Mac?

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    Formatting HD to WBFS with a Mac?

    Got a new hard drive - an Iomega 500GB drive of eBay (Iomega 500GB USB 2.0 Desktop Hard Drive | eBay) that I was told was compatible.

    I've got my Wii set up with Wiiflow and Neogamma and I've got WBFS for Mac on my Mac.

    Now I need to format the HD, but am unsure how to do this - any advice? Is it done from the Wii or can I do it from my Mac?

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    use usb loader config for wii it has options for formatting.
    You may have to partition it with mac so first format a mac partition (EXT 2or3 not sure what is better as I'm a pc) than use the loader.
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    Do I need to format the HD to WBFS for Neogamma or USB Loader Config?

    Can I just copy Wii game iso to my HD or must I go through WBFS for Mac to copy the games?

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    Is your new 500GB HDD formatted to ext 2/3 yet?

    Now that you have formatted your new drive use wbfs manager.
    You can use program to format to wbfs. Be sure to format new drive Not the old one :P

    The wbfs manager program will clone the old wbfs HDD to the new one.
    or you may add iso file by file, you choose

    are you ripping your originals or are you loading your backups from another source?
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    I am having an almost identical problem. I am on a Mac. I've soft modded the Wii and I used USB LOADER CONFIG to format. I now have a wbfs folder on one of my two partitions. I was able to rip a game into it perfectly on the Wii. When I plug my HDD into the computer it does not recognize anything in WBFS manager. I have no clue what I'm doing wrong. I've tried to refresh a zillion times. Please help!

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    What are you using as a HDD?

    Are games playable?


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