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Thread: Help With Re-Installed Wi Fi Module

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    Help With Re-Installed Wi Fi Module

    Hi everybody!

    I love the site, I've learned a lot from reading here. My Wii was black screening on boot and I learned here that it was either the Wifi or corrupt NAND. So I bought a new Wifi and installed, it went smooth. But still black screening.

    The Wii has never been modded and I heard that should rule out corrupt NANd, so I was wondering is there any rookie mistakes I may have made in the install? I did the antenna's right, but do they pop off easy during re-install? I also forgot to put the CMOS battery back in before testing it, but it's in now.

    I also heard some people say that Bluetooth could be gone too, but others said that doesn't cause the black screen, so I was hoping some one more experienced could clarify that, maybe I should try the bluetooth.

    Once I get this baby runnin' I'm looking foreward to tackling the softmod tutorial next. You guys have a great site with lots of info, thanks again for hosting this forum.

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    bluetooth does cause black screen, good way to test is to see if the wii will power on with the remote, if it does then its probably not but if it doesn't it is a good chance

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    Bad bt, WiFi, and DVD drive can all cause black screen.
    bad WiFi works when replaced with functional.
    Bad BT still has functional RM, priloader, boot bootmii
    Bad DVD drive works when drive is removed from Wii.
    There are other possibilities, but the fix is not so simple and beyond me..

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    An unseated Blutooth will turn up a black screen.
    It happens quite often.

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    Awesome, thanks guys.

    Glad you mentioned the disc drive, none of my other research turned that up as a possible cause for nothing but black screen on boot. And I was about to just buy a black wii off ebay that had a burnt drive and put mine in it, boy would my face be read if it turned out I had a bad drive.

    When the DVD fails, is it just the laser that burns out usually, because when I turn it on if it has a disc I can hear it spin up and start search for the home location on the disc. Does that help trouble shoot? I'll try just remove the drive and boot it, as you suggested.

    Not sure what RM is, but can I try the Priiloader if it hasn't been installed previously? I've never tried modding it before, but I will be if I get it working again. I did try using a Game cube control to do the savemefrii thing but I didn't pull he d-pad cover off, so I may not have done it right.

    Thanks again for the help. I really appreciate it. I'll be home Sunday night and I'll try pulling the DVD drive and let you all know how it goes.

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    Hi again all,

    Ok, so I got the drive out completely, then reattached the face plate and CMOS battery and tried booting it, and same old black screen. I left the case and everything open for convenience.

    At this point can I safely say the drive is fine and go ahead and buy that black wii off ebay and either move the drive to it or the BT module from the black into my white? It's most likely the BT module right?

    Thanks again for your help and advice.

    Also, the WiFi and bluetooth module are different right? I bought a Wifi module from Deal Xtreme, but here is a guy on ebay selling a blue tooth module that looks just like the module I bought.

    Is his ad incorrect? That's the Wifi Module, right?
    Wireless Bluetooth Module WLAN For Nintendo Wii Console | eBay

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    get your Blu-tooth module seated properly, or replaced. BT module is much much cheaper than a Black console.
    BT modules are of same color, either in black wii or white wii. Don't you know ?

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