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Thread: problem with gecko and gamma

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    problem with gecko and gamma

    hey guys every game i try to play in either gecko or gamma turns out black and white and doesnt fit the screen right. anyone know what the prob is cause some of the games wont play in the wii disc loader like wii music, game party but they start up in gecko and gamma just black and white.

    any help will great

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    -.- can people search?

    force settings with gecko OS

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    ok wii music wont play it just turns green is there a fix for that?

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    its cause my tv? what if i find a ntsc version will it play then?

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    it should, try forcing different settings theres not a 100% success rate here

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    Hey sky I'd like to know more about your Wii maybe I can help. I've worked out most of my problems I had with my Wii thanks to Admiral and the guys here.

    What version is your firmware?
    Is it chipped or softmodded? both?
    When you said every games do u mean originals, backups, or both?
    What DVD do you use? +R or -R? this is important.

    Hey by the way, do you happen to live in texas? sky1982 sounds familiar


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