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Thread: Looking for certain FPS's / game modes

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    Looking for certain FPS's / game modes


    I'm looking for something like invasion in Conduit 2: fighting waves of enemy bots (with split screen when friends want to join). I'm looking for similar games, like the zombie mode or barracks in CoD: Black Ops but with split screen.

    I'm missing bots when I play with friends / split screen in Goldeneye 007, Red Steel, ... Anyone got tips for games that can do this, next to Conduit 2?

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    No-one? I'm looking for FPS with AI and split-screen.

    Titles of arcade shooters with split screen, co-op, (or something similar to the arcade zombie mode in Black Ops are also welcome)

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    You guys know there is black ops wii right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by beverbart View Post
    You guys know there is black ops wii right?
    Where's the split screen?

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    I didnt look at call of duty black ops on wii but a FPS Shooter like Goldeneye 007 has splitscreen but 1v1 and online mode

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    So ... Is there anyone who knows a FPS for the Wii, with both bots & splitscreen?

    Only game I've encountered so far is Conduit 2.


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