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    Question Skylanders Giants


    I'm planning to buy Skylanders Giants (starter pack) for my son as a present for christmass. I have softmoded Wii (mauifrog version), works without problems.
    My questions is, will the game run on softmoded Wii, since it has USB connected portal?

    Thanks for answer.

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    I have Spyro's adventure and it works fine with the portal. Since the Giants use the same portal just different software there shouldn't be any issues.

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    I have bought the skylanders spyro starter pack for my son, i couldn't make it work at first, but after installing a couple of softwares from here I finally managed to get it working, so now I have been tricked into buying skylanders giants, but I'm having the same problems I had first time around with the spyro game, console keeps telling me that it can't find the usb receiver, but it's working fine with the spyro game, any help please!!.

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    If you have your hd in port 1 and your skylander portal in port 2 - if it is unable to see the portal you need to update your modded wii.

    click on installation and use one of the methods - i personally used method 2 and it works!

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