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Thread: Help with USB Loader GX‎

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    Help with USB Loader GX‎

    After reading tons of tutorials and links i think ive confused myself here.

    What im trying to do is backup my games to a USB. I have a 16GB USB formatted in NTFS, 8GB SD formatted in FAT32, a Wii system with version 4.3. I have successfully installed the Homebrew channel. I then made a backup of the NAND file(s) and pasted them onto my PC hard drive.

    I use NUS Loader to generate the following WAD files:


    I then copy USB Loader GX to the SD card (and removing the previous NAND etc files that were created by the homebrew channel) and the above WAD files to the root.

    When i loaded the homebrew page, i notice the USB loader GX is available and it loads..... but 5 seconds later i notice an error "Failed to load cIOS 222 (and other versions)" its a little too fast for me to capture the entire message but i suspect i need to load or install cIOS 222 and above?? ...... "Waiting for HDD" with a countdown..... Eventually i get "USB Device not found. Switching to channel list mode". I have two USB ports on the Wii (ill term them as top and bottom) and have tried both slots.

    My question is how and where do i find these cIOS files and how do i load/install them? I appreciate if anyone could give me some step by step guides as i think im making this harder than it really is. OR do i not need them and is it the USB that is simply not recognised due to some incorrect setting? Or is it not recognised due to these cIOS files?

    I think someone wrote that only certain USB devices work but i think that was for previous models so again not 100% sure.

    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Have you installed cIOS? Check out mauifrog's Softmod ANY Wii guide (link in my sig).


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