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Thread: complete newbie technophobe

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    complete newbie technophobe

    Hi all.As stated I am a complete newbie technophobe.My problem is that I have a chipped?? Wii and now my kids want to play some new games that they have been given.When I put them in the Wii I get a message regarding updates and preventing play unless I update but in doing so I will lose any mods done to the box.I have alot of old games on a GSXloader(I think thats what it is called) but obviously would like to be able to play and possibly save the new games given us.Please help/advise on what to do.Thanks

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    If your system needs to be updated take a look at the soft mod any wii guide.Do not update from the disc's/online.
    The link is at the bottom of my signature.
    If you have HBC installed start from Soft Mod With Homebrew Channel Installed.
    Follow it all the way through and you will be all set.


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