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Thread: Newbie - USB Loader gx cannot play Punchout

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    Newbie - USB Loader gx cannot play Punchout

    Hi all

    Sorry, i am a new member but long time reader. I have googled until my fingers and eyes have exploded and cannot get this to work. I have a Wii modded, i bought it used so no idea if it has a soft mod or mod chip but it plays backup discs and i have loaded the usb loader on it so we play games off my hard drive. any way all the games work, COD games work (had to change the ios in the game settings) Sjylanders etc (changed ios) I went throught the homebrew channel and updated all my ios's but still punchout does'nt work properly. I have set it to use ios 224, 226 and others no luck. What happens is when i laucnh my career and go to the title bout (king hippo) or select head to head the game does the following

    1) allows me to select bout to continue and then never loads
    2) music drops out and game unable to select anything
    3) black screen

    depends on which ios i seelct to run.

    I am a total noob when it comes to wii and hacks, i have been able to load the usb laoder and games but that's about it. This is the only game i have not gotten to work... Please, any help would be appreciated


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    Well, if you haven't already, follow the softmod guide,
    and then do a d2x IOS update, you can find the guide here

    After that, try updating your revision of USB Loader GX to a newer one if you have an older version, and try re-ripping the game from your retail disk, could be a bad rip.


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