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Thread: Black screen of Death, BootMii on Boot2, NAND restore didn't help!

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    Black screen of Death, BootMii on Boot2, NAND restore didn't help!

    I hate to do this, for I am a champion lurker, but I have to create a new thread. I think I have finally reached the limits of my google-fu and it is probably better to start a new thread rather than to glean bits and pieces of information from guides that may or may not apply to my situation.

    My situation:
    A couple days ago I heard it was possible to softmod my Wii, so I found Maui's genius guide here (much thanks to him!) and I followed it.

    I have a launch Wii, so I was able to install BootMii on Boot2 and made a NAND backup and installed priiloader and all that good stuff.

    Life was good. For a day.

    Then the power breaker popped while I was playing a scrubbed and converted to wbfs backup of my Mario Galaxy 2 disk from a fat32 drive. ( Not sure if this information is relevant, this is the first time I did this stuff, maybe I did it badly? But I am normally pretty good at following directions. )

    Wii stayed at red light no matter what, some googling told me it was the power adapter. TWIST it's a knock-off european adapter to allow my USA Wii to run on exotic european voltages. I threw it away, bought a transformer, and plugged my original adapter in.

    Then the Wii would go from the red light and power up, flashing blue light of the disk tray, disk spinning, light turns green, all good, NO DICE I got the black screen of DOOM. Wiimotes don't work so I try and sync them, but I think this made them LOSE their sync. Imma genius.

    Remember I can boot into priiloader by holding reset, which I do, and I see life from the wii, the priiloader comes up bright as day.

    But my wiimotes don't work. I don't have a GC controller. I am about to go out and buy one, when some crafty googling reminds me of BootMii and how it doesn't need a remote to restore my backup. So I slap the backup back onto the SD, slam it into the Wii, and BootMii up.

    I go to restore, and restore. I cross my fingers and reboot.

    Still black screen.

    I curse profanely. How is this possible? I mean, this is a previous version of my Wii back when everything worked perfectly! How can it not work?

    Oh. Maybe my hardware is screwed. Damn off-brand power supply.

    Problem with that is that BootMii displays fine, just as expected, and even the HB channel looks great, displaying all those loader channels from Maui's guide perfectly. If I had a GC controller I could click on them and see if they work (I hope? You can use a GCC right?), only I am not sure it's worth spending the extra dough to get one with my wii seemingly a lost cause.

    Oh, and like a genius, now that I've restored my NAND to a point BEFORE I installed priiloader, I don't have that anymore.

    Black screened Wii after power loss and a shifty adapter, restored NAND with bootmii, but still black screened when loading system menu, HB channel works.

    So give it to me straight oh wii hacking geniuses, how screwed is this Wii? Should I shell out for a GC controller? Why didn't the backup restoration fix my problem? Maybe boot3 chip is fried? I have been lurking for days so I barely know what boot3 means. Could I still run games from a HD through the loaders in the HB channel in BootMii?

    Thanks for the great community you've got going here, guys.

    Alrighty, I took nap, and so refreshed, I jumped back on the google horse to try and figure this out.

    I hope you don't mind me posting my progress here just in case some other noob words their problem like I did in a google search some time in the future.

    So some crafty googling tells me that the problem might be my bluetooth module. And silly me, but a post right next to mine on this very board had some good info on that:

    Thanks again to the legendary MauiFROG (sorry for forgetting the "frog" part earlier).

    The info on that page tells me I should use a GC controller to make absolutely sure that the problem is my BT by seeing if a normal wii game will load through one of the loaders on my HBC.

    I'm off to buy a controller tomorrow and I'll update here till fix up or give up.
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    I would test the Bluetooth module, very possible that could be the issue. Also possible to have some other hardware issue. Hopefully it is just the bt module.

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    Hey thanks for the reply mauifrog! You are a real hero here in the wiihacking community. I've been following your guides pretty much the whole way, and even while searching to fix this problem your name kept on popping up with helpful advice.

    So I followed your advice from another thread, and did savemiifrii and took my new GC controller apart, plugged it into port 4 and booted while holding down all four directions on the D-pad, and the system version showed up on the screen. So it's probably like you said, the BT module. I've gone to DealExtreme, and a triwing screwdriver and a new BT module are on the way for about 6 bucks. The fix looks easy!

    I've also discovered that with the homebrew channel my wii is still useful despite the Black Screen of Death. With NeoGamma I can still load my Game Cube games, so the girlfriend has just switched Wind Waker for Skyward Sword and everybody is happy. It's like my modded Wii has just been switched out for a modded Gamecube, and thats okay until the BT module gets here!

    Thanks again, and I'll keep this thread updated with my progress.

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