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Thread: USB Loader GX freezes at "Initializing USB Device"

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    USB Loader GX freezes at "Initializing USB Device"

    I followed mauifrog's guide and have successfully softmodded my Wii with no errors. I am able to use WiiFlow and Configurable USB Loader to load my game backups from USB.

    Although, whenever I startup USB Loader GX, it freezes at the "Initializing USB Device" screen.

    I am using a Kingston Data Traveler 8GB which is on the compatible list. I read through this post ( and it seems like there could be some compatibility issues with different drives.

    Any ideas?

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    may be you've installed cfg, wiiflow and GX in diffferent [base]. check it out !

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    What do you mean different [base]? I'd still consider myself pretty new to all of this, I don't know all the terminology yet...

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    if you visit Cfg or Wiiflow website, you'll find cfgV70_[249], cfgV70_[248], wiiflow_v3[249],....etc. n those [xxx] are various bases for IOS for you to run.
    you need to have/set the right [base] installed and filed in order to run properly.


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