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Thread: SD or USB preference?

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    Us SD or USB preference?

    Okay, so here is the deal. I haven't really modded my Wii in about a year. Yeah, I know. I am still on Rev14. I mean, I've done incrementals to get new games like "Last Story" working, and such. But nothing major.

    That being said, I am in the middle of doing some serious updates. I updated to USBLoaderGX 3.0. And I also converted by WBFS to FAT32. I've also got MIOS DIOS on there but I was thinking you could load GameCube from USB. But when I do, it asks to copy to SD... and well... that's a whole other post.


    So my question is, now that it appears that I can load my HBC apps now from my USB HDD, should I? I mean it's way bigger than my old 2GB SD card. Is there any drawbacks from launching all of my HBC apps, including GX, from USB rather than SD? If not, I am gonna move to the hard drive and basically use the SD space for other stuff I guess. I just wanna make sure all my other apps will run as expected like they always have. Having done this the old way for years, it's hard for us old timers to embrace the change. ha!

    Thanks for any opinions.
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    Last Story and cios-rev.14 are history. you need to update your SoftMod per Softmod-any-Wii today.
    launching loaders from HDD is great. Yet, SD is handy for you to update and test any new apps at wish.


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