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Thread: Usb loaders can't find my games?

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    Usb loaders can't find my games?

    I've recently moved up from using blank dvd's to a usb stick and I thought all would go well, you know how hard could it be?

    I've tried several usb loaders and they recognize my stick, they just don't see any games on it. Any suggestions? Iv attached pictures of the file structure of my stick.imgur: the simple image sharer

    There are wbfs files inside all the folders.

    Thanks to whoever helps me!

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    Re-format the Drive to Fat32 with this guide.Link-->Fat32 Guide.

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    How did you put the games on the there ? Are they in a wbfs folder ?

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    I reformated the stick as fat32 and stuck them in a wbfs folder-problem solved, thanks for the link jax


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