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Thread: Black Ops 2

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    Black Ops 2

    Hi Everyone. Any advice about Black Ops 2, I can see Amazon and other sites have Black Ops 2 on preorder for the WII U, Is it coming out for the normal Wii?

    If its only coming out on the Wii U are there any plans to try and get Wii u games playing on the Wii or is this just a no go.

    Thanks Matt.

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    Just a couple of things.
    first this is a hacking forum. And while we do try to stay informed about any news of games, we really can't speculate on Nintendo's future intentions. If it isn't in our news section, it is just speculation and gossip.

    secondly. This particular section of the forum is for forum games, not wii games. That is unless you are trying to make a game out of predicting the future, with this thread.
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    Thanks for the ridiculous reply.its a lounge area anything goes, don't post ur stupid replies if u don't have anything worth while to say.

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    You're the stupid one here. This is the lounge area but inside the lounge area it's specifically for Forum games. I know you're 14 and don't belong on the internet.

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