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Thread: Soft modded wii having problems reading discs

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    Soft modded wii having problems reading discs

    Hiya i was just wondering if someone can help please. I have a softmodded wii that has been working fine until a couple of days ago when my daughter was playing just dance 2. In the middle of a dance it came up with a black screen and cannot read disc even though she had already been playing on it so we tried a newly burned just dance 3 and that did the same thing after a couple of dances. Today i tried a different game played on it a while and it seemed to be fine. They are all burned at the same speed using the same discs. Not sure if its the wii, discs or maybe the copies? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Are you using good quality media, burning at 4x with imgBurn. Are they DVD-R, not DVD+R. Could be the first sign that the Wii DVD drive is dying. Playing from burnt media puts more strain on the laser. Your better off playing games from SD or USB. Being that you have the early sort DVD drive you will be able to use it to rip your games.
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    How do you play games from sd or usb?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikkicarbutt
    How do you play games from sd or usb?
    You would need to install one the fine usb loaders to start. You would also need to get a usb external hard-drive, a big thumb drive, or a big sd card to store your games on. Go check this guide out!

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