Hello guys, i read this forum for some time, but im having some issues.

I followed the Softmod any wii tutorial few months ago, i wanted to use Wiiflow running from a USB HDD or Pen.

I could rip some games from DVD to the USB pen directly with Wiiflow, some work, some dont

My Wii is originally Korean, running now English 4.2U i guess.

Have Wiiflow, and some other Apps to run games from disk, many games that were running before, now they stop at the screen where it says to put the wrist strap, then its like it freezes, even the blue lights on the remote go off, and when i press a button, they will flash and stop, like if it cant connect to the wii.

What might be wrong?

Thanks for any hints.

I think im gonna follow the softmod wii again, maybe have some new updated files.