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Thread: Problem at Hacking Wii

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    Unhappy Problem at Hacking Wii

    i have a problem with my wii console.
    I bought a wii console at december the 23th 2010,black edition with 4.3E software.
    I try to hack it and play games from usb stick but i haven't managed so far.
    The only thing that i have managed so far,is to install the Homebrew Channel with LETTERBOMB.

    I also installed usb loader gx,but when i connect the usb stick with the game (Super Mario Galaxy 2),
    it doesn't recognize the usb.It is said that the system recognizes only ONE usb port,so i put it to the other too but
    there was not any good result.
    Can you tell me or sent me the links or the guide in order install to any other program that is necessary?
    Or if there is a full guide to start it all over again.

    It's black version,with 4.3E (They say that this version doesn't play burnt pirated games and doesn't recognize Hard Disks but only USB Sticks and SD Cards).

    Thank you for your time and your help!!!

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    How did you get Super Mario Galaxy 2 on your USB stick? If it's an iso download or you got it any other way except buying and copying the game from a retail disc (meaning you do not own the game) then I'm afraid you may not get any help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anakin162 View Post
    doesn't play burnt pirated games
    LOL it's what you said. Please read forum rules before posting.

    Piracy is not supported at WiiHacks. Sorry


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