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Thread: USB Loader GX Emulation

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    USB Loader GX Emulation

    Hi all,
    I recently installed usb loader gx after watching a youtube video on the new features the loader has, I was a wiiflow fan but I've been converted after seeing the amazing features it has, the thing that struck me the most was this guy could access all the emulation/rom's via the loader with every game having it's box cover, the trouble I'm having is my loader or possably me can't seem to find the roms, they are all on my (hdd fat32) and work through the chanells I have but would much prefer the all singing all dancing method that this guy had.
    Another issue I have is the loader can only see one hdd, even though I've changed the settings to use both ports and all partitions.

    I've been researching all weekend with now joy, I admit defeat and now I'm hoping someone here can help me out.
    My wii is on 4.1 soft modded using the mod any wii link on this forum which I done in the new year.

    As always thank you for any input.

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    do you have the games in a folder called wbfs? it happens

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    Hi thanks for replying.
    No I don't have the roms in a wbfs folder just in each individual emulators rom folder, could that be the problem?? I have found a handy guide here which I'm following which creates a wbfs folder, do I put the roms in there? The guide I refer to is below if your interested.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    He probably has a custom SVN build (he possibly made himself by recompiling the source), I'm pretty sure the loader doesn't support displaying emulate Roms (ie NES, SNES etc etc) otherwise.


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