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Thread: Is my Wii hosed?

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    Question Is my Wii hosed?

    I'll be as brief as possible.

    Semi-bricked Wii running 4.3u. Runs games, cannot get into the system menu. NO HBC or any other hacks installed. Used to have Wasabi V1 on OEM drive but drive failed entirely so swapped it out. NO MOD chip.

    Is there a way to obtain my MAC Address without access to the System Menu? I have no NAND, or any other type of back up info.

    I verified 4.3U using SaveMiiFii GC Controller. Tried running update from Skyward Sword and while Wii said it needed an update, it just kind of went through the motions, said update was complete and then let me load the game. Reboot Wii, no system menu. Is this thing hosed or is there still hope?


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    Just check your wireless router. Most routers display name, ip and MAC address...

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    Unfortunately my Wii hasn't been connected to my wireless network in such a long time that the info is not there BUT...

    I found something called FE100 that apparently lets me extract the MAC Address from a save game after transferring it to my SD card. I did that with multiple games saves and they all present the same MAC Addy so I think it's real. I read somewhere how to add the HBC to to a 4.3U Wii using an SD Card so now I have to find that........

    OK, using the earlier program, the modmii suite, and Lego Indiana Jones I was able to get HBC, and Bootmii as boot2 installed. Currently running NAND Backup! (THAT's a long process)

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    Good luck, hope all goes well!

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    Ok the softmod is in place now but I still have two issues.

    1. The Wii Settings menu is still giving me the Opera error. I know I need to recover the ability to access it but how?

    2. I am so far unable to play any burned game backups. What is the best option to allow this?

    Does anyone know if the Wii D2E drive will play burned backups?
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    Check here Wii Chip Data Base, put your info in and you will get your answer.


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