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Thread: Need help Wii hangs

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    Need help Wii hangs

    I have followed the guide and installed everything correctly. This is the 9th or 10th Wii I have softmodded with this quide. This Wii is giving me issues I know the hard drive is compatible because it works fine with my other Wiis. The problem that I am having is the wii works fine with a fresh power up on the wii. it will load any usb loaded I use and play game just fine. when i finish playing a game and decide i want to play another it hang while trying to load hard drive. Keep in mind this hard drive and the other one that I use both work fine with my Wiis It has to be something with this Wii that im missing.

    So I can power on wii load. use any loader, example USB Loader GX, CFG Loader, or WiiFlow. plays game just fine, when i hit the home button and go back to wii menu i can not load any loader. it always hangs while loading and I have to hold power button for 10 sec to power down wii. and it will work fine.. can anyone tell me why its doing this and lead me to a guide that will fix my problem.

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    Everything looks good! I don't know for sure what is causing this problem. Maybe someone else could put there 2 sense in on this issue.

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