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Thread: Controller Suggestions?

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    Question Controller Suggestions?

    I am looking for an adaptor to allow me to connect old console controllers to my wii/GC ports. I have seen adaptors that can do this, but would like to know if anyone else uses these and can give recommendations... Especially since i don't recognize any of the companies i've seen so far, so no telling if they are reputable or work with my wii's region...

    I have nes pads, an nes flight stick, snes pads, psx/ps2 pads, dreamcast pads, and a dreamcast arcade stick... I would love to be able to use all of these, as doubtful as I am there is an adaptor for all of these models... Actually I did see one, but it converts to USB... Everything I have seen said the wii will not read controllers through USB, being that there are no drivers, not to mention i could only play 1 player being that one of them would be used to read HDD... For future reference, though, is there a way to get USB to read game controllers??

    The most important connection I want to make, is a dreamcast to gamecube... There are so many great classic arcade fighter remakes/ re-releases out for wii/vc/wiiware, that i would love to be able to use my arcade stick... They are ridiculously expensive and that's the only one I ever bought, probably ever will... Had to have it, first game system that released arcade fighters that were better than the arcade original...

    Are there any GC controller specific abilities that couldn't be replicated by using, say, a ps2 controller?? Does anyone do this?? Downsides, even if it might be just certain games??

    Main questions:

    1) What adaptors do you use?
    2) What companies are reputable?
    3) Do you know of any that convert all I listed to GC? If not, the best DC to GC you know of...
    4) Is there a way to get wii to read controllers through USB?
    5) I'm sure VC/emu/wiiware games would play fine with a ps2 controller, but when playing Gamecube games, is there any downside to using the ps2 pad??

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    Here is one that lets you use a PS2 conteoller on the Wii.

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