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Thread: Cannot get Wii Sports Resort to work for the life of me...

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    Cannot get Wii Sports Resort to work for the life of me...

    Go easy, new on here, but i've read loads of guides on getting Wii Sports Resort to work.

    Got a "PAL" backup, and using USB Loader GX 4.3E to try and run it, i get as far as the selection screen for wii sports or resort from within the game, but when selecting either game, it just reset back to the wii menu.

    I've gone into the settings of the game and changed the 002 to Anti, and then Load Alt dol from game - I have three choices, and pick player.dol

    I then save the settings and load the game, which brings on a quick wii remote video menu, do I need to watch all 4 videos on there? I have tried watching all 4 videos, then resetting afterwards, and changing the game setting to default for the dol

    When starting the game, still no joy, the game resets back to the wii menu.

    Any help on this please, tried all sorts first before posting.

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    You could try using cfg-usbloader. Thats what i'm using. I've got sports & sports resort on one PAL DVD. Never had to change any settings in cfg-usbloader.

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    I launch it with just the regular neogamma channel. I get 002 error whenever i launch it with anything else.

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    PAL Wii Sports Resort works fine for me on USB Loader GX 3.0 without changing any setting. Maybe your version of GX is old, update it.

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    Switch your loader to CFG usbloader, or play once with a retail disc of Sports Resort. Must hook up the Motion-plus to play.

    Either will kill your problem.

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    Downloaded the latest App Pack from here with the latest usb loader gx, cfg loader and neogamma.

    Tried Usb Loader, and the game resets back to the menu
    Tried cfg loader, get an error while cfg loader is loading saying "ios 249 is a stub" and then nothing happens.
    Tried neogamma, which i believe is just for DVDs, I have the original Wii Sports Resort DVD, but i bought this console from a clearance sale and I found out that the DVD had been used and the Game CD is scratched and only gets as far as the selection screen for Wii Sports or Wii Resorts before it restarts to the menu.

    Anything else or way I can get the damn game working?

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    Go here and you can get a pak of alt.dols for various games. I had the same problem and had to load it with the alt.dol. It's worth a try!

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    Do as Toby said. Apply alt.dol is another solution if you're sure the damm disc is scratched badly.
    Learn to use Alt.dol by searching the tutorial.
    While cIos249 is stub, NeoGamma will not work. It need a patched cIOs.

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    I think you need to run a syscheck so you know what slots your cIOS are in. Then point the loader to that slot.
    With cfg-usbloader, you need to edit the meta file. you may have to add the line <arg>ios = 248</arg>
    With Neogamma, you can get an app called Neogamma IOS switcher.
    With usbloaderGX, you can change the IOS with the GUI.


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