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Thread: Help Bricked Wii

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    Help Bricked Wii

    Lol So Its not my wii But its my friends. I gave it to them the other day softmodded and all, but I hadn't put priiloader on as it was their birthday and was going to finish in the weekend. cleverly enough they decided to update via disk update. It is now fully bricked, which I believe is correct when it turns on and shows just a black screen but green light turns on and disk drive runs. So I have put Bootmii on as Boot IOS I believe as its a newer wii. also I have the NAND.bin available Its really annoying me because I bricked my wii the other day and could fix it perfectly because i had priiloader and I know how to do it its just that I can't get on to theirs at all (HBC or Bootmii) If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. Cheers Boosta23 ( if you need more info just post below)

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    Maybe you could try SaveMiiFrii (take a GameCube controller, plug it to port 4, hold down all directions on the d-pad while the wii boots, see whether your system menu version appears in the lower corner, ex. 4.3(USA)).

    Also, take a look at this:
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