Hi guys, I'm new to forums, but someone told me it would be my only chance to ask for help. I have a softmodded wii and I used to install all my games into a LG 500Gb hard drive. When I bought the HD I decided to partition it in half to use 250 gb for wii games and the other part for my computer files. It worked perfectly for a year, I collected around 100 games; until I had the bright idea of using the other half of my partition for the wii, and instead of just formating the other half I chose to eliminate the partition so I wouldn't have to select 'partition 2' and to save time, I thought. Of course before undoing the partition, I formatted the other half (the one I used for my computer files) to work with wbfs. Now the Wii back up manager doesn't recognize my drive, it labels it as nonexistent, and I can't add new games to it. For some strange reason my Wii finds the games with no problem, and I can play fine. My question is: is there a way to get the Wii manager software to, once again, read the HD so I can add new games? I would really appreciate help on this matter. Thank you very much in advance!!