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Thread: Ace3ds plus Wood V1.54 firmware and AOS V2.06 updated

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    Ace3ds plus Wood V1.54 firmware and AOS V2.06 updated

    Today ace3ds team official site has released the update news that wood firmware for ace3ds plus has been updated to V1.54, Ace3ds plus another firmware AOS also has been updated to V2.06.

    Just one thing you need to know, ace3ds plus wood firmware is not the official wood firmware, not supported by wood team, ace3ds plus is a very cheap (even the cheapest ) flashcart for your 3ds console, if you just want to buy a cheap flashcart and only want to play ds games for your 3ds, just buy ace3ds plus flashcart, check here: buy cheapest 3ds flashcart ace3ds plus for your 3ds dsi and this card will be working great on your 3ds latest firmware V4.4.0-10.

    more details about the Ace3ds wood V1,54 and AOS V2.06

    Wood V1,54

    Change Log
    pokemon - version blanche 2 (france)' fixed.
    pokemon - version noire 2 (france)' fixed.
    pokemon - schwarze edition 2 (germany)' fixed.
    pokemon - versione bianca 2 (italy)' fixed.
    pokemon - edicion negra 2 (spain)' fixed.
    pokemon - edicion blanca 2 (spain)' fixed.
    pokemon - versione nera 2 (italy)' fixed.
    pokemon - weisse edition 2 (germany)' fixed.

    AOS V2.06

    Change Log
    Add a ATARI emulator to support ATARI Games.
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