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Thread: Just Dance 4 "Disc Error...." one one of the songs only

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    Just Dance 4 "Disc Error...." one one of the songs only

    We have a softmodded Wii running 4.2E SM
    The softmod was done about 2 years ago tp Mauifrog's softmod any wii guide.
    The games are loaded from fat 32 USB HDD via GFC loader v58.

    All other games work fine, i never have any troubles TBH so its a pretty could softmod config I reckon.

    Just dance 4 "justin Bieber's Beauty and a Beat" plays about half way then gives a disc error....
    All the other songs play just fine.
    I have no issues with other just dance games.
    Any ideas??

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    That's because it has Nicki Minaj in it, and everything Nicki Minaj fails.

    Lol sorry for trolling. Maybe it's a bad rip. Try re-ripping the original disc to your HDD.

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    Thanks. that solved it.

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    Hey Byngo... I'm have the same issue with the song "We No Speak Americano" with the black screen Disk Error....

    I See you are on a FAT32 drive as well. Is your Just dance 4 game split into two WBFS files?? And how did you end up solving it? Just re-ripping the disk?


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