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Thread: Need help installing BBC Player, 4OD, Netflix

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    Need help installing BBC Player, 4OD, Netflix


    I have a Wii 4.3u which I guess is meant for USA but I live in UK.

    I softmodded the Wii a couple of days back with the help of Mauifrogs guide to softmod any Wii. Followed the guide and did all the steps, and thankfully all went fine without any errors or hickups... playing some games from HDD now..!!

    But since the softmod the Wii shop channel is not working...When I click on the channel and then agree with that says something like Wiiconnect24 and Shop channel service is not currently being offered..!!!

    When doing the steps of Mauifrogs guide, theres a bit about downloading the latest channels and putting them on the SD card...I did do that..!!

    Can someone pls help me in figuring out how to install BBC Iplayer and other Catch up channels....!!

    Thanks a lot..!!

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    Been doing research tried install WiiMod to the hbc...done that and trying to install the shopping channel NUS v20 channel...but the channels dont appear in the wii shop channel..!! pls help..!!


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