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Thread: IOS58 Installation Verification

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    IOS58 Installation Verification

    When at the Homebrew screen, push the home button and the upper right corner of the screen shows IOS36 v4.18.

    This (IOS=IOS36) was observed after the installer for IOS58 was 'successfully' run. I'm wondering if IOS is installed to the SD card or the flash memory on the console.

    What am I missing \ not doing to update this console to IOS58? Thank you.
    Last edited by gatorback; 11-03-2012 at 05:13 AM. Reason: clarified that IOS=IOS36 after ruuning installer

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    IOS is installed to the NAND flash on the Wii. Are you running the latest Homebrew Channel.

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    Good. I would expect that IOS58 be intalled to the Wii's onboard NAND. I upgraded Homebrew to the most recent version (1.1.0) and it now shows IOS58 V24.31 installed.

    WiiMC Channel Installer was successful as well as running WiiMC (Wii Media Player).

    Waninkoko 1.5 loader is returning an error: "Custom IOS could not be loaded! (ret = -4100)"

    At this point this error is probably not due to IOS58 as I originally thought \ hoped. So, that means that this issue is solved. Thanks for the support!

    If you have insight as to the Wanikoko loader error (it's probably not new), I would appreciate guidance.


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