Nintendo: New Super Mario Bros. U Has New Enemies, Drop-in Multiplayer, But No 1080p HD

As we near the release date of New Super Mario Bros. U and the Wii U console, Nintendo is slowly revealing more details about one of the most talked-about launch titles.

The official site for New Super Mario Bros. U has been in constant construction, and at one time even stated the game would output graphics in 1080p. Nintendo has finally corrected and clarified that statement, however. At the bottom of the site, youíll find fine print which reads,

The previously stated information about video output for this game was inaccurate. The Wii U console supports video output of up to 1080p. While all Wii U software titles display high definition graphics, resolution for specific titles may vary.
Lack of 1080p HD is a slight disappointment, but if we move on, itís easy to see the game will more than make up for it with new features.

We already know some details about multiplayer mode. Along with regular play, several multiplayer challenges will be available.

Boost Rush Mode - Rush through levels that scroll at increasing speeds as you collect coins, and aim for a speedy completion time. Itís a clever game of balanceógo fast, but donít get too reckless!
Challenge Mode - Test your 1-up nabbing, speed running, or Boost Block placing skills with dozens of themed challenges, played in levels not found in the main game.
Coin Battle Mode - Race through levels and see who can grab the most coins. The new Coin Editor lets you place coins on specific stages with the tap of the stylus to create new custom challenges.

According to Nintendo, the game will feature drop-in multiplayer, allowing new players to join instantly, even in the middle of a level. This will make multiplayer easier and more accessible, no matter where you are in the game. New enemies will also be making an appearance in New Super Mario Bros. U, along with old favorites. We already know of at least one new enemy: an evil flying squirrel who likes acorns.

Although the game wonít feature 1080p HD graphics, at least some form of HD will be present, and weíll see new features like drop-in multiplayer and a selection of both new and returning enemies. It looks like this Mario game will reinvent the series, and thatís something to be excited about.