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Thread: Updating hardmodded Wii - directions

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    Updating hardmodded Wii - directions

    I got a hardmodded console, the chip is either d2ckey or d2pro. I think it's d2ckey.
    I have softmodded a friend's original console before, and now he plays his games from a WBFS-formatted external HDD. I'd prefer to keep using DVDs myself, however. I know I should use quality DVD-Rs and DVD+R DLs.

    My problem is that I haven't tried any new games since 2008, 2009 or so, and I'd like to play some new releases, like Skyward Sword and Xenoblade Chronicles. I know they're both dual layer dvd games. I know the optimum layer "cut" point. So let's see what I've done so far.

    I used to remove the wii patcher out of all my ISOs before burning them. That is, until MadWorld didn't work, so I burned the original ISO and updated the console to whatever version it installed. Nothing's changed, everything works fine, including MW. Most unlikely thing I can play successfully is a ripped Smash Bros Brawl (don't have any DVD+R DLs around). I verified that my console was NTSC, as well as Madworld, before patching.

    So that's what I got. d2ckey console updated to whatever Madworld installed. I run older backups fine, and also older original games. Never tried to run a DL disc.
    I used to hear that with d2ckey, you can let games patch the system, as long as both the console and the game are NTSC. Is that still true with whatever Xenoblade and SS will patch the system to? Will Dual Layer Discs work?

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    where comes the ISOs ? ripped from your retail disc?
    for discent backups, play it with the latest Neogamma (loader). modchip is unlikely a better choice.

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    The ISOs come from original discs, of course. I've been ripping the updaters out of the ISOs, usually. But some games won't work if you don't update. I know letting a PAL disc update the console would brick it... and the modchip allows for that. So, I've been careful about that and updated to Madworld, NTSC, properly.
    So here's the question in short:
    How far can I go with such disc updates, those bundled in the games? Will some version eventually brick the console because of the modchip?

    Also, I'm not sure on how this chipped Wii would react to trying to Softmod it like I did my friend's. I wonder about DL/d2ckey compatibility as well, though that could probably be circumvented through non-DVD NTFS removable media.

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    Weather the Modchip be kept or removed, there's no impact for you to complete SOFTMOD ANY WII as is.
    Once softmod completed, some IOSs would be changed or stubbed if you try to proceed an UPDATE with the disc contents. So, avoid to do/accept disc update after Softmod; and you should have plenty of joys playing ISOs in hard disk.


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