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Thread: Made the mistake of updating Wii. Need help with new softmod.

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    Made the mistake of updating Wii. Need help with new softmod.

    So I hadn't used my Wii in about a year and went to watch something on Netflix, but it required me to update to do it. It updated my console but not the application and is currently preventing me from updating the application. I went back to this tutorial ( but my Wii will not even open the boot.elf for me to get started with the mod.
    Currently, all I really want to use my Wii for is Netflix so if there is another .wad file I can just download and install to completely bipass the channel store, that'd be great but I would like to eventually be able to play my game backups again.
    Any ideas?

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    Nobody has anything on this? I can't do anything with my Wii anymore. HBC, NeoGamma, everything is gone and I can't even launch my SD card with my old softmod gear on it. It comes up with error #004.
    Any suggestions?

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    Check the errors and fixes list (search for it).

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    Found the fix to error #004. I deleted the aktn folder from my SD card. Now I can open up my SD card in the channels and whatnot, but it still is showing none of my apps (HBC, NeoGamma, etc etc)

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    Any suggestions? I'm basically stuck at this point. I haven't been able to find anything on Google that will help me. A bunch of ambiguous forum posts is all that came up.


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