Hello. First of all I want to apologize if this is not the place for posting this question. If anyone can refer me to the correct thread I will be happy to do it. Thank you.

Here is my problem:

I recently installed Homebrew channel on my wii, and usb loaders cfw loader, and some things i found on a tutorial so I could load my games from a USB Hard disk. In the process to install all of this, I used the sd card i had on my wii (with all the data I had there, Rock Band songs I bought from the wii store channel, Super Mario Bros 3 game, and some other stuff) to make the Homebrew hack SD. But before i did this i save all the information i had on this SD card to my computer. So I have in my computer a folder named "Wii" and inside it 2 folders called "data" and "title" and 2 files, loc.bak and loc.dat.

I'm sure the rock band songs and the Mario 3 game that i got from the wii store are in this folders because together, the folder's size is about 500 MB. So how can I transfer this songs and the Mario game to the SD card again so I can play and load the songs on Rock Band 2 like I used to, before i installed homebrew?

Is there a way I can save them on the USB external Hard Disk and load them from there?

Thanks in advance. And again Im sorry if this is not the place for this thread, If I have to post it anywhere else I'll be happy to do so.