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Thread: Convert a RAW GameCube memory card dump to a bin file

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    I'm trying to do this, supposedly it's possible but I can't find clear directions on how to do it. I am trying to take a raw dump from my Madkatz 1019 card and turn it into a bin file so Devolution can use it but I can't figure out how, I read that I'm supposed to use crt-gcs to make a raw dump, done. Then I am supposed to name that dump "memcard.bin" but this is where my problem comes. Naming it memcard.bin does not make it a bin file which I need it to be. What can I do? Is there a program that can convert it for me?

    Edit, Never mind...for some stupid reason Windows Explorer wouldn't change the extension but when I used WinRAR to do it it worked like a charm


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