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Thread: Been away for a while....

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    Been away for a while....

    So, as the title says I have been away from the Wii scene for a while and don't really know what has changed. I'd like to get everything back up to current standards again and I'm not sure where to begin. I never messed around with apps like "pimp my Wii" or some other unfamilair ones. I'm going to go ahead and list my current versions of USB Loaders and things and maybe someone can tell me if there are better versions out now? Also, I know I had trouble with some games in the past. Is there any app out now that installs all nessacary IOS's without having to do it for every individual game? I remember installing IOS's as I needed them a while ago, I couldn't tell you what I have on there now. 58, 202, 249 maybe. Don't these things overwrite eachother anyway? So can I only have one at a time? i dunno. Help! lol.

    HBC - 1.0.8
    IOS58 V24.31

    USB Loader - Rev874 IOS249 (Rev 14)

    WiiFlow - v2.2 r304 IOS249 rev14

    Priiloader - IOS v70
    Systemmenu v481
    priiloader v0.3b (r48M)

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers.

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    Your stuff is definitely outdated, go to the "Softmod ANY Wii" guide and go all the way through it...skip nothing.

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    sysMenu v481 is of 4.2u. to cope with current loaders, suggestion is follow the SoftMod-Any-Wii , and then keep yourself at 4.1u after fully hacked.

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    what snes master is saying is right. run a complete soft mod to make sure your cios are up to date. things work better than the olden days. I think this is the big news...

    wiiflow+plugins - YouTube

    but it's also a lot of work.

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    Thanks guys. My system is 4.2U any difference here or follow the same guide? Where it is already modded, should I start from the very beggining? Also, my HD has multiple partitions. WFBS for Wii backups. Seemed it has changed, would a new Fat23 partition be inorder for storeing both Wii backups and retro emulation. Its a 500gb HD i would like some space for Wii obviously but also NTFS for music, movies and such. Reformat entirely? Thanks again for all helpful responses.

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    Follow the guide once again. If appplicable, start with "Softmods with Homebrew Channel installed." Fat32 is recommended for Wii Backups and emulation. There's no need to reformat completely.

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    Not trying to heed advice here. Just wondering, since I have already installed homebrew channel, bootmii, etc. May I start "Soft-mod any Wii" at Chapter 2 or is that not wise? Also still curious about the HD. In order to delete the WFBS portion I will need to tranfser all my games off first? Then delete the WFBS partition and expand my Fat32 partition? I would like to split it into fat32 and ntfs for pc purpouses. Thank you.

    edit: This is the "Softmods with Homebrew channel installed"? Just found it. Is this all I need to do then?

    If you already have a softmod with HBC installed, you can update your softmod with this guide.

    Note: 4.3 wiis can skip installation of ios58 and 61, and simply load Hackmii from the HBC.

    Backup and Format your sd-card
    Extract WiiMod-58-61_Hackmii_1.1.0 to sd:\
    Load the HomeBrew Channel
    Launch WiiMod - WiiMod will load
    -Select Wad Manager -Press A
    -Press 1, -press A -Install all wads
    -IOS58 and IOS61 will install
    -Press "any button" to continue
    -Exit WiiMod to go back to the Homebrew Channel
    -Select hackmii_installer_v1.0 - Press A to Launch
    -Hackmii Installer Loads
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    Yes, you need to transfer the games from your WBFS drive and then format it. I can't help you with how to transfer because I have no experience with WBFS drives whatsoever. And yes, after doing that WiiMod thing you need to proceed with Chapter 2. Since it's a 500 GB drive, I would recommend 100 GB as FAT32 and remaining as NTFS. However, that depends on how much games you have.

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    Thanks to all for the help. Sucsessfully updated with Modpack and updated IOS pack and priiloader. I'm good to go. Just need to staighten out my HD and update my USBloaders.

    Couple more questions though.... I now have 3 HBC. 1 is my original HBC. 2 is a custom HBC someone had made for me a while ago. (it plays "homebrew by 311 ) and now I have one that says "Back up HBC" I would like to have only my custom HBC but I believe that is a forwader to my original HBC. So can I just delete the Backup then?

    Also, I re did this soft-mod using a 1gb SD card which is holding everything. But all the app, emus, etc. are on my 4gb SD from before this updated. Do I need any of these new files off my 1gb or can I just keep on using my trusty 4gb (again 4gb pre-update)? Thanks again.

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    No, No, No don't delete the Backup HBC as stated in the Softmod ANY Wii guide because if something happens to your original HBC then it will come in handy. Just move the original one (if you want to keep the forwarder) and the Backup one to the end of the system menu or transfer the Backup one to an SD card.

    Yes, you can use the 4GB one. However, if your 1GB one had updated loaders, etc. you will have to update the ones on your old SD card again.

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