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Thread: Help/advice with cloning a wbfs drive please

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    Help/advice with cloning a wbfs drive please


    Pretty much a noobie on here, but what I've found so far has been SO useful, so thank-you for the help so far.

    However, I could do with some further advice.

    To cut a long story short, I've got a soft-modded Wii running a WD passport HD - all working fine.
    I've bought my daughter another Wii and have another WD drive.

    I want to clone the drive for my daughter.

    However, despite both being WBFS-formatted, -

    1. On my Mac, on Wiijmanager, I can't seem to copy the drive's contents.
    2. On both Mac and PC, WBFS manager doesn't see either drive.

    Not sure what I'm doing wrong, as both Wiis see my one hard drive.

    Sooooo, is there a transfer/copy app for the wii that allows 2 hds to be connected and the contents copied?
    The focus being, on the Wii, NOT a computer?

    Any advice or assistance would be most appreciated.

    And apologies if I've put this post in the wrong forum.



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    It probably would be easier to just rip the discs to the second HDD using her Wii than it would be to go through the trouble and more time consuming method of cloning the drives contents.

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    You have a lot of choices wbfs-manager-3-0
    or wii-backup-manager
    or guide-fat32.html
    wbfs2fat it does not delete the WII games you will not lose any games,all your Wii games will be in a wbfs folder on your FAT32 HDD, I use it and I did not lose any games and the wii games and HB stuff all work perfect after.
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