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Thread: Animcal Crossing: LETS GO TO THE CITY codes???

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    Animcal Crossing: LETS GO TO THE CITY codes???

    I've been searching forever for the text to item code and the duplication code! Can anyone help!!
    How come the USA get all these cool codes and the UK don't

    Is there a way of changing the Region of your game?
    Is there a way of changing the format of a code to work for the UK?

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    As for the region fix that might work for you since i have not tired it as of yet but if you have configurable usb loader and click on the game that you would like to play and go into the options there should be an option called country fix its worth a try but then again like i said i have not had the chance to use it.

    [spoiler="Your Code!"]Text to Item [Z+C+Plus] with Text above Head (the hexcode for the item, and no terrain item)
    286E2780 9FEF6010
    C0000000 0000000C
    3F608062 637B7F57
    38A00000 3920000C
    8D5B0002 2C0A003A
    41800008 394A0009
    714A000F 7D4A4830
    7CA55214 3929FFFC
    2C090000 4080FFDC
    3F6090E2 637BEB22
    3FC0805D 8BDE50F7
    38600000 606386C0
    7FDE19D6 7F7BF214
    B0BB0000 4E800020
    E0000000 80008000[/spoiler]

    I dont know if that code will work but let me know anyways
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    Did neither of you read the rules? We don't support cheating here.
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    Animal Crossing (not sure why but it used to be AC was an exception to what we loosely call "cheats") stuff is really off topic for the purposes of wiihacks. Let's call it a day, guys --- no harm, no foul --- but let's leave it at that, OK?


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